Twin Dao Swords

  • Dated: circa 18th century
  • Culture: Chinese
  • Medium: steel, copper, silk, wood, leather

Source: Copyright © 2014 Historical Arms & Armor

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Wakizashi Sword

  • Dated: late Edo Period: 1603-1867
  • Culture: Japanese
  • Medium: steel, copper, ray skin, silk, wood
  • Measurements: blade length: 55 cm. Tang lenght: 12 cm

The tang (part of the blase encased by the handle) measures 12 cm. The koshirae (mounting) has two menuki, a bird and a crescent, and two seppa and habaki in copper. The tsuba is also made of copper, featuring vegetal decoration. The kozuka of the sword is also of copper and shows a fishing scene. The tzuka is covered in ray skin and silk rope, while the sheath in brown wood with enlarged tip, featuring a decoration of small black birds.

Source: Copyright © 2014 The Caravana Collection


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I wanted to stream today, but I woke up very late and I only had time to do it in the morning aaaaaa

I’ll stream tomorrow instead I guess! Don’t know when exactly, but yeah

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Schwyz, Switzerland (by Robin Halioua)


Schwyz, Switzerland (by Robin Halioua)


The fondest of starting fires.

Original Freddy!bear art by

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Copy Kitty - version 1.7

Boki has a special power like none other: being able to perfectly copy the abilities of anything she fights! But not content with mere mimicry, Boki can also mix and combine up to 3 abilities at once to form completely unique ones! She wants to be a hero one day, but doesn’t think she’s cut out for the job. To help hone her skills, Boki’s insectoid uncle sends her into a virtual reality to do battle with hordes of dastardly robots!

This update includes new levels, new themes, new enemies, and new weapons! The other really big thing in this update is a huge rework of a lot of the graphics, making things easier to see and look even better. If you found the game too visually confusing or overloading before, give this new version a shot! The full changelog can be found here.

And remember to check regularly - sometime within the next few days, we have a really big announcement to make!


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For Windows.

My friends and I occasionally have this problem so I’ve taught them this simple method that takes less than a minute as opposed to waiting several for your computer to restart(especially if it’s slow).

What’s great about this method is that sometimes restarting your computer wont fix the problem, but this usually will.


This is important, otherwise the changes wont take effect. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, sometimes it takes restarting it more than once.

For Windows 8, search for “services.msc” in your apps and click on the result. Continue from there!

Now go draw, babies!

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